Saturday, February 20, 2016

Where to stay when traveling

Traveling the world can be fun and exciting, you get to meet new people and experience new places. One thing though that people wonder about is where to stay when you get to your destination. You could stay in a Hotel/motel but that can get pricey for long-term. You could also stay in a hostel which can be free or very inexpensive. Hostels can be great to meet people, but they can also be a bad thing, especially if you just need to get some sleep and a bunch of kids are there too, partying all night, not good. Another option is to House sit for locals, Here is a website I just discovered called HouseCarers . There are two options when you sign up, free and paid. There is no cost for the free option and your get the same emails from them of people needing someone to watch their house. The paid option is $50/yr. You can switch back and forth if needed. Some people even need people to watch their pets while they are gone instead of putting them in a kennel. This is perfect for bloggers and digital nomads who want to travel the world but don't want to pay the high cost of hotels. Also, by staying at someones house you are within the community and get to experience the country as a local instead of a tourist. Sign up, let me know what you think. Happy travels. :) 

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