Saturday, January 23, 2016

5 tips for those airport delays

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A massive snow-storm has hit the East coast of the U.S. and with that comes many airport delays. Not just on the East coast but everywhere because of connecting flights not being able to take off, so it creates a mess everywhere for air travelers. So what to do while you are waiting for your flight? Here are a few tips to keep busy:
1. Walk. Simple, yes, but if you're healthy enough to walk, do it. You'll get your exercise in, most airports are big enough to walk from one end to the other. Your body will need it after sitting on the plane for so long.
2. Read. If you like to read and need a quite place find the airport chapel and go in and read a book. Just make sure you keep tabs on the time of your plane's departure.
3. People watch. Not in a creepy way but just watch people go by from a bar/restaurant, alway's entertaining if your in the right airport, say vegas ;) .
4. Sightsee. If you have a longer delay and are not in a snowed-in airport, take a taxi and see the sights of the city.
5. 1-day pass. Get a 1-day pass for the Airline club. They can be a great place to have a drink or find a quite place to get some work done, and usually have an outlet to charge your laptop/tablet/phone in comfort without huddling  around a pillar on the main concourse.
So, if you are traveling this weekend, stay safe and stay warm. Happy travels. 


  1. Great post, very helpful also :)

  2. It doesn't snow where I live.
    But, thanks for sharing those tips :)